A day in the life of a Farm intern

Nigeria’s 2013 Agric Highlights

A day in the life of a Farm intern

This post shows what an average day is like on the farm. The truth of the matter is that I’m really not able to do this kind of work on a daily basis, maybe once in a while. However it’s important for me to know first hand what my staff should and will do on a regular basis. So if they decide to start misbehaving or leave, it’s cool…I gat this, I can do what needs to be done till a replacement is found.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so I hope these pictures tell a clear story about what I get up to at the farm….




I show up around 8.45a.m..

Cross section of the farm….

Dressing the beds and a view of the farm…

This is our irrigation system…old school style…alking into the shallow well…fetching water…coming back out…ain’t EASY!!!!

Watering the vegetables…

The guy in the green jersey is Idris my coach, he is teaching me hausa and I’m teaching him english…haha…

Nobody said it would be easy…it better be worth it though…

What I know for sure:There has to be an easier way…after two weeks, my whole body aches 😦 . Although I intend to hire people to do all this work, I must ensure that we farm the next-gen way. That is leveraging technology to reduce manual intensive and back-breaking work. This will in turn increase productivity, efficiency and in the long run reduce cost.

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Oh by the way you can order your fresh vegetables from this farm. It’s in the Ogudu/Alapere area of Lagos. Hit me up if you want more details….

Big thank you and hugs to Sandbox creations for the pictures….

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